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Weimar Elementary School is a Seventh-Day Adventist multi-grade school that is located inside the Weimar University campus in Weimar, California.

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True education has to do with the whole being. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers." - Education, EGW

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“My experience at Weimar Elementary School has been an enjoyable experience for me. Something that was enjoyable at this school for me was all the fun teachers and activities. When I first came here during the pandemic, it was a big change for me to go from a big public school to a small Adventist private school. During the years I first came, my spiritual connection with God has been building closer ever since. One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Williams. He was not only a fun teacher, but he would give us grace and make activities more fun. I truly believe God has blessed me and my family during the years.”


“I’ve enjoyed going to this school.  It gave me so many learning opportunities.  The staff is kind, helpful, and understanding.”


“My experience at Weimar Elementary School is very nice. I have been at Weimar for 6 years. I went to this school in second grade and I was on and off in homeschool. I like this school because it’s small and we are all a big family. I’ve known a lot of my classmates and teachers since I was seven years old. I liked all the fun field trips, and I have really gotten better in my academics. The principal  Mrs. Ramirez is a really nice teacher and principal. She was my first teacher in second grade. When I first came I felt very welcome. I ten out of ten recommend this school! 


I love school because all the staff is the best! All my friends are the best. I love the school so much!   


“My experience at Weimar Elementary School has been a great one because ever since I got here I have been welcomed by the teachers and students. All of the kids were very welcoming and I’ve made a lot of friends throughout the years. My teachers have taught me new things every day over the years. All of the teachers and the other students were very nice to me. I’m very blessed to have a quality and Christian education.” 


I’ve enjoyed many things about this school and love how kind my teacher is.  I learned almost twice as much as I did before.  I love my classroom very much. I love my school!


“I have been so blessed to be able to attend Weimar Elementary school. I wanted to come here because I like going to school with friends. I used to be homeschooled. I have so much fun with my friends here. We do projects and have lots of fun with our quizzes. Every morning I look forward to school. I am so blessed to have an Adventist education.” 


“My experience here at Weimar Elementary School has truly been a good experience! I’m truly blessed to be able to go to a Christian school and get a Christian education. I like that the school has a sense of family, the little kids bonding with the older kids, and vice versa. I like all the parties that we do here at school, and I especially like the ABC Countdown to Summer that we do at the end of the year. I like that the student teachers come in to help teach us. It helps us bond with the college students and helps them improve their teaching skills. I really like 8th grade Student Association meetings and planning different social activities and field trips. I’m so glad that I get the opportunity to come here for my 8th grade year, and I’m so blessed to have such amazing classmates and teachers!”


I’m in first grade. I enjoy the teacher’s new songs and spelling. My great teachers help me learn a lot.